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The study time is determined by the number of unit time units allocated for the implementation of curricula and training programs at the appropriate educational qualification level. It includes:

- the term of study at the relevant educational qualification level,

- academic year and training course,

- study semester

- training week

- school day

- training sessions

- classroom independent work (under the supervision of a teacher);

- non-auditing independent work,

- final module control (semester control, exam session);

- consultations,

- production practice,

- holiday.


The school year at the Donetsk National Medical University lasts 12 months, usually starting on September 1, and for students consists of academic days, days of final control, examination sessions, industrial practice, weekend, festive and vacation days.


The training course is a student's period during the school year.


The duration of the student's stay at the training course includes the duration of the semester, the final examination, the examination sessions (semester control), the practice and the holidays. During one academic year, the student is studying at the appropriate training course.


The duration of his stay in the course includes - autumn and spring semester, semester control, production practice (if provided by the curriculum) and holidays. The termination of a student's study at a particular course (semester) is executed by the order of the rector on his transfer to the next course of study (provided that the student completes the curriculum and curriculum in the disciplines).

The academic semester is part of the school year, which ends with semester control. Its duration is determined by the curriculum and the schedule of the educational process. The training semester also includes manufacturing practice.

The student's academic week consists of 5 days and includes no more than 30 classroom hours. Saturday and Sunday are weekends (except for cases of changing the schedule of classes in accordance with the rector's order).


The school day is an integral part of the student's academic hours of a maximum of 9 academic hours. Study days and their duration are determined by the annual schedule of the educational process, which is compiled for the academic year, taking into account the transfers of working days and days off, agreed and approved in the order and within the time limits set by the higher educational institution.

Training sessions (classroom classes) lasts 2 or 3 academic hours with a ribbon form of schedule, 4-6 academic hours if the form of the schedule is cyclical. Independent auditor work under the supervision of a teacher - the duration of a particular class is determined by the work program of discipline. Independent non-auditing work is not less than 1/3 and not more than 2/3 of the total amount of study time of a student, allocated for studying a particular discipline. Training of students missed lessons and consultations is carried out in accordance with the "Regulation on the training of students and raising the rating by students of Donetsk National Medical University".

An academic hour is the minimum unit of study time. The academic hour lasts 45 minutes. Two academic hours form a pair (90 minutes), then "pair".


Externship for 2-3 year students studying is conducted as a training session during the relevant academic year; for all other students - after the end of the examination session in accordance with the curricula and schedules of the educational process at the bases of medical and preventive health facilities and in sanitary-epidemiological stations.

Vacations at the Donetsk National Medical University are provided twice a year (winter and summer), in accordance with the approved curriculum and the schedule of the educational process.


The total length of the vacation during the course, except for the latter, is at least 8 weeks.

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