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MEDICAL SPECIALIZED internships for students «UKRAINE-Slovakia COOPERATION»


We bring to your attention a unique internship that will be held for students III-VI courses at the University Clinic named after Louis Pasteur, Slovakia.

The program is designed to educate students in all current areas of medicine. All participants will receive a personal certificate of international internship!

         Registration with the payment of the registration fee of 350 USD. (Subject to availability). The fee includes travel, accommodation, two meals a day, internship expenses.

We invite students to participate in the International internship in Egypt

International Summer School for students of medical faculties and universities is held annually in the Kasr al-Ayni Hospital.

Internship organizer: NGO Students' Scientific Society "SSS".

During the internship students get an opportunity not only to study in one of the best hospitals in Egypt, but also to get acquainted with the culture of this country.

Participate in the program can:

  • Students of medical universities;
  • Students who need to speak English.

To participate in the program you need to:

  • Fill the application;
  • To provide confirmation of enrollment of the student to the medical faculty;
  • Check a copy of your passport and passport photo.
  • Pay the fee.

The deadline for submitting applications is May 20

Details on the organizer's site: http://www.ssscairo.org/summerschool/


  • We invite students of the Donetsk National Medical University to take part in the Youth Euro-Atlantic Security Forum

We invite students of the Donetsk National Medical University to take part in the Youth Euro-Atlantic Security Forum

Organizer: Embassy of Lithuania in Ukraine

Place and date: April 25-27, 2018 in Cherkassy

Partners of the Forum - NATO Office in Ukraine, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Students will be able to get acquainted with international policy and security policy, exchange views with Ukrainian and foreign experts about the security situation and prospects in the region.

Languages of the Forum: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Requirements for students - participants of the Forum:

- Good knowledge of English;


- Interest in issues of international relations, security policy;

- Place of study: Cherkasy, Kirovograd, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions and Kyiv

Applications for participation in the Forum are accepted until April 2, 2018.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the organizers of the Forum pay the cost of meals for all students, as well as travel and accommodation for students who do not live in Cherkasy.


  • Ministry of Youth and Sports invites students to take part in the implementation of projects within the framework of Ukrainian-Polish youth exchanges

Dear colleagues!

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine invites students to take part in the implementation projects within the framework of Ukrainian-Polish youth exchanges

Organizer: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Government of the Republic of Poland

Venue: Projects can be implemented in the territories of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland, regardless of where the application is filed and depending on selected project form:

- Youth exchange. Republic of Poland or Ukraine;

- Seminars on the preparation and development of bilateral partnership: Republic

Poland or Ukraine;

- Youth meetings (conferences, trainings, festivals, etc.): Republic of Poland and Ukraine (possibility of realization the projects in both countries);

- Information and educational projects (information events, distribution the best practices through publications, etc.): Republic of Poland and Ukraine (the possibility of implementing projects in both countries).

The package of documents for participation in the competition must be submitted to the Ministry of Youth on the official form of the organization until 18:00 (Kiev time) on April 16, 2018.

The package of documents should include:

- Statement (original and copy in paper form and on e-mail address);

- Detailed calculation of expenses;


- Copies of constituent documents;

- Draft agreement on the implementation of the project (starting from this year,

The organization that will become the winner and will implement the project should sign a contract with the Ministry of Youth and Sport on the implementation of the project);

Applications are submitted in hard copy at the following address: Kyiv, Esplanada street, 42


  • Grant for conducting postdoctoral research in the field of biomedical sciences

Dear colleagues!

We provide information on a grant for conducting postdoctoral research in the field of biomedical sciences.

Organizer: Helen Hay Whitney Foundation.

Deadline - July 2, 2018 to 5 pm (North American East Time).

Requirements for candidates:

- Candidates who have a Ph.D. degree or will soon receive a Ph.D. degree (Ph.D., M.D.).

- Applicants must have at least 1 year experience in post-doctoral studies.

- Applicants must obtain a Ph.D. degree not more than 2 years before the deadline, if the candidate has a MD degree, it must be obtained not more than 3 years before the deadline for receiving the grant documents.

- The grant can be received both by US citizens and foreign students. Studies can be conducted only at US universities.

- You can not conduct research in the laboratory in which the candidate will receive a Ph.D.

The organization pays the travel expenses of the scientist and his / her family to the place of the study. In addition, the organizers pay for transportation costs for the annual two-day conference, which is held in November.

In the first year the scientist will receive a scholarship of $ 54,000 + $ 1,500 for research expenses.

In the second year - $ 57,000 + $ 1,500

In the third year - $ 60,000 + $ 1,500

$ 1,500 are paid annually and transferred to the university in which scientists will conduct research. Money is intended only for expenses related to the research: laboratory consumables, computers, etc. Part of this money can be used to pay medical insurance. The scientist himself decides on what costs to distribute these finances.

If a scientist has children, he / she will also receive $ 1,500 per year for each child.


  • Applications for participation in the contest for the implementation of the project are announced in the framework of exchanges of young people from Ukraine and Lithuania with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine.

Dear colleagues! Please inform your students with the following information: Applications for participation in the contest for the implementation of the project are announced in the framework of exchanges of young people from Ukraine and Lithuania with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine.

 Branch: Social projects.

Type of grant: Internship.

To participate in the project, you must submit the following package of documents: - application (original and copy in paper form and on the e-mail address)

- Detailed cost estimate - copies of constituent documents

- draft agreement on project implementation (starting from this year, the organization that will become the winner and will implement the project, must sign a contract with the Ministry of Youth and Sport on the implementation of the project).

Terms of project implementation:

- the duration of one project must be not less than 5 days and not more than 10 days, not including the days of arrival and departure of the participants of the draft preparatory stage and preparatory visit;

- Projects can be implemented both in Ukraine and in Lithuania;

- Participation in projects can take persons aged from 14 to 35 years and persons working with youth;

- the number of project participants must be at least 10 people (5 people from each country), including attendants or group leaders. The number of project participants from Ukraine and Lithuania should be equal;

- Preparatory visit can take 2-4 business days, participation in which is accepted not more than 6 participants (3 persons from each country).

Priorities of the 2018 competition:

- dissemination of European values among young people, exchange of experience of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, strengthening of cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Lithuania within the framework of the European Union, the Council of Europe, OSCE and NATO;

- activities to recognize, support and promote the common historical and cultural heritage among youth, the dissemination of values and programs of UNESCO and other United Nations institutions, the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

- Acquisition of the competencies necessary for active participation in public (public) and professional life;

- Support of civic activity among youth, including entrepreneurship and volunteering;

- Promotion and dissemination of information about the century of Lithuanian statehood;

- Dissemination of information about the events of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921.

Projects may be implemented in the territories of Ukraine and the Republic of Lithuania irrespective of the place of submission of the application and depending on the chosen type of project.

 - seminar, training;

- meeting, discussion;

- conference;

- the camp;

- forum;

- Another event for youth.


  • Scholarship program for internships in Italian higher education institutions for 2018-2019

Good day!

Dear colleagues, please inform students about this information.

We invite students to take part in the scholarship program for internships in Italian higher education institutions in 2018-2019.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Italian Republic grants scholarships to foreign nationals who do not reside in Italy. Scholarships are provided for research and higher education.

The list of universities, curriculum and disciplines can be found at the following link: https://studyinitaly.esteri.it/

The deadline for filing applications is April 30, 2018 (until 14:00 CET)


  • Grants, scholarships, and advanced training programs: Topical programs for physicians and medical students

The modern world opens up many opportunities for the professional growth of physicians. We have prepared a selection of topical programs for physicians and medical students.


The Department of External Research at the National Cancer Institute supports programs and research in all areas of cancer biology at academic and educational institutions abroad. Researchers can apply for a grant. The research topics should address the main mechanisms of cell growth, cell transformation into tumors, and their metastasis. Such studies are the basis for the development of new treatments, as well as deepening knowledge about the disease.

Learn more: https://goo.gl/5Rocxo



The program is aimed at training specialists who will engage in academic or research activities in the field of public health. Laboratory work and theoretical training will deepen the knowledge of analytical and quantitative methods used to solve complex problems such as air pollution, obesity, inequality in obtaining medical services, etc. You do not have to have a degree, but the previous experience in this area will be an advantage. Students and graduates with excellent academic performance, good knowledge and motivation are invited to the contest.

Learn more: https://goo.gl/YgBnUG



The Graduate School at Harvard guarantees graduates the opportunity to acquire interdisciplinary skills and abilities in terms of the theoretical and practical bases of conducting medical-biological research in general, as well as specialized knowledge in a specific narrow field. Research will address global health issues, including immunology and infectious diseases (malaria, tuberculosis, HIV); environmental pollution (radiation, air pollution, asthma); the relationship between the genotype and the environment (the development of inflammatory processes, stress and epigenetics), metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes and cancer), nutrition biochemistry and its relationship with the emergence of diseases of different systems).

In order to pass the selection, you must prove your motivation to engage in serious scientific work; have a bachelor's or master's degree and sufficient theoretical training in biology and chemistry (including organic), as well as physics and statistics.

Learn more: https://goo.gl/Fp9SBR



This program is made for experienced professionals who are interested in strengthening leadership skills through mutual knowledge sharing and understanding of the common challenges of the US and friendly countries. All candidates must have at least the completed higher education (ideally in the field to which they apply), at least five full years of work experience (preferably in the field to which they apply), limited or no training experience in USA. Participants in the competition must demonstrate leadership skills, commitment to the community and English language skills. It is expected that the program participants will have the skills of administrators and managers.

Learn more: https://goo.gl/QxH47Z



This is a scholarship program for postgraduate students who become students of certain courses at the best universities in Canada.

When receiving a grant, the candidate undertakes to complete the postgraduate study no later than 20 months. This should be the first doctoral degree, including MD / PhD candidate and must not have previously received a doctoral grant from CIHR, NSERC, or SSHRC.

The grant amount is $ 50,000 per year, i.e. $ 150,000 for 3 years in Canada.

Learn more: https://goo.gl/ctu88v



Scholarship program from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers a variety of programs aimed at spreading scientific knowledge and preparing students for work in an international environment.

Ukrainian medical students can go to The Holland Scholarship Programme (HSP) - scholarship program is designed for non-residents of the EEA (European Economic Area). You also need to apply for the Vu Fellowship Program, which offers you a Masters degree in the Netherlands. The total scholarship is € 5,000.

Details: https://goo.gl/YdOvrA


Grant for Young Scientists from GAES

The German Academic Exchange Service (GAES) offers a grant for young researchers with the ability to conduct their own research and further study in Germany. The purpose of the grant program is to support doctoral projects in Germany, as well as to facilitate the exchange of experience and strengthen cooperation.

The condition of submission is no more than 6 years from the moment of passing the final examinations. Moreover, those who work for a doctor's degree, however, not more than 3 years old, have the right to submit their candidacy.

Declarations of those who have resided in Germany for more than 15 months at the time of filing an application will not be considered. The budget depends on the applicant's academic level: 750 euro for graduates, 1000 euro for doctoral students.

Details: https://goo.gl/7FB4Ao  


Conrad Adenauer Foundation Scholarships

Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS)) annually awards 50 scholarships to students, graduates and doctoral students with excellent academic achievements and active social / political position. Representatives of all directions and nationalities are invited to participate in the program. Scholarships provide the opportunity to complete higher education qualifications in Germany, obtain the title of doctor and gain additional knowledge in the relevant academic field. The monthly grant is 750 euros.

Details: https://goo.gl/nZ6v3q



Master's lectures from the American Association of Psychiatrists

By February next year, you can still apply for the Master's Lecture Program of the American Association of Psychiatrists for Scientific Issues. Applicants who are masters of psychology from an accredited university will be considered. Selected candidates receive a grant of $ 500 and up to $ 1500 to cover travel costs.

Details: https://goo.gl/rpPBYK


Hubert Humphrey Fellowships

Program Hubert Humphrey Fellowships for experienced professionals who want to strengthen their leadership skills, share knowledge and build understanding of the common problems in health care in the US and friendly countries

Mandatory requirement - minimum 5 years of professional experience, limited or missing experience in the United States and ability to show leadership skills.

The program covers the tuition fee, flight, insurance.

Details: https://goo.gl/HUrAL2


  • Program on cooperation project Ukraine – Lithuania

Ukraine-Lithuania Cooperation Project

Internship in surgery. Republican Clinic of Kaunas

  04.02.18g. - 11.02.18 (10h.)

  12.02.18 - 18.02.18 (10h.)

Registration fee - 495 USD

Payment includes:

  1. Directions along the route: (Ivano-Frankivsk - Lublin-Bialystok - Kaunas)
  2. Transfer to the hotel every morning is a Republican Clinic
  3. Excursions 1. Kaunas 2. Vilnius
  4. Accommodation in Kaunas Hotell on the Alley of Glory in the very heart of Kaunas (SPA -zone, swimming pool, sauna, gym - all included)
  5. Breakfasts
  6. Costs of internship


  • Study program "Cooperation Ukraine-Israel"

International scientific and practical conference with internship "Ukraine-Israel Cooperation"

(Tel Aviv city - Nahariia city)

Kiev - Tel Aviv - Nahariia- Kiev

From May 6 to May 11, 2018

Meeting at the clinic

  1. Presentation report
  2. Introduction to the clinic as a whole
  3. Meetings in specialties according to the composition of the delegation (departments)
  4. Round Table
  5. Cooperation agreements
  6. Presenting international certificates

Registration of participants of the delegation with payment of org. contribution is 940 euros paid until the 06.04.2018.


  • Program ("Cooperation between Ukraine and Finland under the auspices of NATO")

Internship program "Cooperation between Ukraine and Finland under NATO auspices"

23.02.18 - 04.03. 2018

(Turku, Guityinen, Finland)

Ivano-Frankivsk - Kaunas - Helsinki - Guityinen - Turku - Ivano- Frankivsk

Registration of participants with the payment in the amount of 590 USD (equivalent of Euro) until 08.02.2018.

All participants will be issued two international internship certificates.


  • The program of staying under the project of cooperation Ukraine – Estonia

The program of staying under the project of cooperation Ukraine – Estonia internship in obstetrics and gynecology  (students, interns, doctors)


East Central Central Clinical Hospital

  23.02.18g. - 04.03.18 (I -10l)

  02.03.18g. - 11.02.18 (II - 10l)

Registration with payment of org. contribution of 495 USD  until 08.02.2018. (II - before 15.02.18)

All participants will be issued an international internship certificate (92 hours)

Payment includes:

  1. Costs of internship
  2. Directions on the route: (Ivano-Frankivsk-Kaunas - Tallinn)
  3. Residence
  4. Breakfasts



  • Internship for physicians in Finland and English language schools

The passing of scientific internship for mastering the project approach in the organization of the educational process in Finnish educational institutions combined with intensive study of English at the West-Finland College in an inter-ethnic multicultural environment. Using active communication techniques and cognition of culture of Finland and internship in the leading medical center of Europe.

  Dates: 23.02.18 - 04.03. 2018

  Dead Line registration: February 08, 2018

Target group: teaching staff, methodological and administrative staff of Ukrainian Institutes of higher education, graduate students and students are interested in this subject and practitioners who want to take an internship in TYKS.



  • General study tour for students 04.03-06.03.18

Dates of the internship: trips are organized monthly

The registration fee includes:

  • General organization of the trip and support during the annual visa application;
  • Curator support and interpreter services
  • Accommodation, breakfast and lunch;
  • Centralized departure Lviv-Warsaw-Lviv;
  • Excursion program for Warsaw;
  • Visiting the medical hospital in Warsaw (a clinic, a registry office, a pharmacy, a department of laboratory diagnostics);
  • Lecture on the topic "Health system in Poland", "Benefits and disadvantages of compulsory health insurance"!
  • Lecture on the topic' System of medical education in Poland - advantages and disadvantages'.
  • Lecture on the topic: "Perspectives for a student of a foreign medical university in Poland and other EU countries"



  • Internships for interns and students of medical universities

All-Ukrainian project "UMSA Internship"

Internship for interns and students of medical universities of Ukraine in State Enterprise "Institute of Heart of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine"

Dear colleagues and students!

We provide you with information on internships for interns and students of 5-6 year course on the basis of the Kiev Institute of the heart in Kiev.

The internship program provides for participation in the work of the Heart Institute offices:

  • Department for the treatment of coronary heart diseases
  • Department of myocardial pathology and organ transplantation
  • Department of Endovascular Surgery and Angiography
  • Department of intensive care for adults
  • Anesthetic department
  • Consultative - diagnostic department

Who can take part in internship?

Students of medical and pediatric faculties of 5-6 courses.

Interns in the specialties "Surgery", "General practice/family medicine", "Anesthesiology and intensive care".

The duration of the internship is 1 week, 5 days a week. The internship will take place from March 20 to April 24.

Internship includes:

  • Accommodation in the hotel
  • Compensation for transport costs for non-resident students

After the internship, each participant will receive a certificate from the Institute of Heart and the All-Ukrainian Association of Medical Students.



  1. Register for the internship until March 2.
  2. Download the Step results (1st or 2nd).
  3. Pass the test at your university (preliminary test date - March 3)
  4. Get an internship invitation.

The project is supported by the pharmaceutical companies "Sanofi" and "Yuri-Farm".

Details of participation:

http://www.heart.kiev.ua/10745-2/ - site of the Institute of the heart of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZyBmOymdTEep8fZRjfPqA1Ki_qmuOJhRMO2yZcYr2BY/viewform?edit_requested=true - application form


Todurov Mikhail Borisovich +380674492961


Melkumyan Garik Albertovich +380634674919



  • "Modern medicine: the latest inventions, diagnostics, treatment of diseases" seminar

DNMU invites high school students to the "Modern medicine: the latest inventions, diagnostics, treatment of diseases" seminar.

On Thursday, May 17, the seminar "Modern Medicine: New Inventions, Diagnosis, Treatment of Diseases", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, will be held in the assembly hall of the Donetsk National Medical University (Velyka Perspectyvna st, 1).

Students and teachers of the Dnipropetrovsk State Medical University, invited doctors will tell why it is necessary to choose medical universities to enter.

There will be reports that will provide interesting facts about medicine, perspectives in the field, the most common diseases in Ukraine and the region, psychological aspects in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases, bionic prosthesis and the latest nutrition techniques.

We invite students who are interested in biology and medicine.

Beginning: at 13:00



  • “Cooperation between Ukraine and Slovakia under the auspices of NATO” internship

Students and teachers are invited for internship in forensic medicine, pathoanatomy, anatomy, histology, pathology "Cooperation between Ukraine and Slovakia under the auspices of NATO"

From June 24 to June 29, 2018 (Kosice, Slovakia)

Ivano-Frankivsk - Kosice - Liptovsky Mikulas - Ivano-Frankivsk

On the first day after arrival, a meeting will take place at the Medical University. Pavel Josef Safarika, where you will drop the following topics: What is forensic medicine? The main task of forensic medicine in Slovakia and around the world. The Concept of Forensic Medicine. Healthcare Bodies. Medical aspects of death. Posthumous changes. Supra-positive and gut reaction etc.

2 day:

Asphyxia and compression of the neck and chest. Immersion and drowning. Injuries due to heat, cold and electricity. Wound examination. Dull and sharp injuries. Regional injuries. Impact of injuries. Murder, Suicide or Accident? Road traffic injuries (pedestrians, drivers, passengers). Injuries due to railway traffic accidents and air crashes.

3 day:

General aspects of poisoning. Types of poison Medical, corrosive and metallic poisons. Drug addiction and drug addiction. Agrochemical, gaseous and various poisons. Responsibilities of the doctor when investigating cases of poisoning. Evaluation of the results of histopathological research in forensic medicine. Immunohistochemistry. Vital indicators and vital reactions. Setting the time to get wounds. Demonstration and analysis of current cases.

Final computer testing of forensic medicine and medical legislation.


In addition to the training program, many exciting excursions await you.


Invited to participate:

Students and intern doctors

Practical doctors (forensic examiners, pathologists)

Teachers of the Departments of Forensic Examination, Pathoanatomy, Anatomy, Histology, Pathogistology

All participants will be issued an international internship certificate



Registration of participants with payment of org. contribution 385 Euros is until 10.06.18


  • Students are invited to the IT Olympiad "IT-Universe-2018"

On behalf of the organizing committee of the International Student Olympiad on Information Technologies IT-Universe, we invite you to participate in the IT-Universe-2018 International IT Olympiad (hereafter IT-Universe).

Students from higher education institutions of Ukraine, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and others are invited to participate in this event. The organizing of the Olympiad is carried out by the All-Ukrainian public organization "The Community of Directors of Information Technologies of Ukraine".

The main objective of IT-Universe is to facilitate the training of highly skilled IT professionals in higher education institutions, to establish and expand relationships between employers with educational institutions and leading IT manufacturers, to identify talented young IT professionals and to facilitate their further employment.

Registration and participation is free, without registration fees.

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