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Meeting of the student's committee of DNMU.

The life of university students should be associated with a variety of different events: cultural and social, which dilute the harsh educational routine. Who, if not the doctors can think about this? After all, only at the medical university, the desire to have a rich student life sometimes chokes in the lack of time, and physical fatigue from long lectures also undermines the desire to spend free time actively. But neither a new place nor training in two shifts will extinguish a spark of desire to do something else with students of our university. Motivation is waiting for the stimulus, and deep in the soul, probably everyone wants from time to time to be the part of something more, part of some process, some noisy and, more often collective fuss ...

Those who live studying are often forgotten, and they will have to be reminded, and someone, and at all, what is called "discover" the true meaning of the concept of "pastime", and the fact that it is not limited to walking and jogging.

And it happened nit by chance - it's natural, but because April 1, the day of smiles and good mood, in the walls of the DNMU there was a meeting of students, and a lot of interesting was said there.

The meeting was opened by the head of the student's committee - Stanislav Ilchenko. Who told about the main events. The first of them is a jogging-marathon, commemorating, so to speak, the beginning of physical education in the open air. The event is a tradition of the residents of Kramatorsk and is being held for the sixth time. The starting point is Yubileinyi Park. The date of the event was 06/04/2015.

The second event is a citywide voluntary Saturday work. To dedicate a few hours of our time to keep our student clean is an opportunity to thank Kramatorsk for its hospitality and, moreover, if we are going to gather in the open air and with a team, no one cancels the opportunity to spend an evening at a barbecue. The date of the meeting was April 9, 2015.

The third event has a cultural-folklore significance - this Easter celebration of "Gaivka", which was held in the city center with the joint work of the public organization "Vіlna Khata" and volunteers of DNMU, whose work is coordinated by student Veronika Savchenko. The "Gaivki" was held on April 13, 2015.

The effect of the announcement of these three events was finally fixed by the very pleasant news, which all students had been waiting for. For students whose classes take place in the city of Slavyansk, the management of our university has organized free transport service - the Kramatorsk-Slavyansk shuttle bus. It will start to run from April 6.

However, that is not all. With a report on the participation of our university in interuniversity events, the fifth year student - Ivan Genbach, concurrently - coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Association of Medical Students (UMSA) in DNMU named after M. Gorky. The fact is that our university began actively reviving the old ones and establishing new contacts with other higher medical institutions of Ukraine. One of the significant steps on the way to this was the participation of the delegation of our university students in the All-Ukrainian Forum - "Manage the future of medicine" with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. What should I look for? From now, everything will return to its normal place - our students can again participate in projects of national and international significance. 

Among them are various courses, forums, conferences, internship programs, foreign exchanges and much more. There was an opportunity to present and implement the projects of our students, to attract sponsorship and support it, to bring it to the state level.


At the conclusion of the reports, there was a five-minute meeting, and more specifically, a "thirty-five-minute" discussion. Representatives of the Students committee once again announced the deadline for applications for participation (April 22) and the date (May 14) of our All-University Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Medicine of the XXI Century". After a stormy discussion, the solemn closing of the meeting and the exchange of handshakes took place!

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