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The purpose of state certification of a student is to determine the actual compliance of his training with the requirements of education and qualification characteristics. State certification is carried out by the State Examination Commission (SEC) upon completion of education at a certain educational qualification level. The DEC assesses the level of scientific, theoretical and practical training of graduates, solves the issue of obtaining a certain educational level, the award of appropriate qualifications and the issuance of a document on higher education.

The State Commission is created annually for each area of training (EL "Bachelor") and each specialty (EL "Specialist" and "Master") for all forms of education and operates during the calendar year. Depending on the number of graduates, several SECs may be created in the direction (specialty) or a joint commission for related specialties.

The SEC consists of the chairman of the commission and at least three members. The chairmen of the commissions for the certification of specialists and masters are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science at the proposal of the rector from among the leading specialists of production or scientists scientific institutions, scientific and pedagogical workers of other universities. Proposals for SEC deputies' deputies must be submitted to the training department by November 1 of the current academic year, and proposals for the composition of the SEC - by December 10. The heads of the SEC on the certification of bachelors are appointed by the order of the rector from among the leading professors (associate professors) of the university. Proposals for the heads and composition of the SEC for the certification of bachelors of the Dean Dean's Deans must submit to the training department by December 10 of the current academic year.

To participate in the work of the SEC as the examiners may be involved professors, associate professors and other teachers of the respective departments.

The staff of the members of the state commission and examiners shall be approved by the rector no later than a month before the commencement of the work of the state commission.

The state certification is carried out in the form of defense of the diploma project (work) or (and) state examinations.

The requirements for the content of diploma projects (works), program and examination tickets for state examinations are determined by the graduation department taking into account the requirements, recommendations of the Methodological Council of the University, the Scientific and Methodological Commission (SMC) of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the respective training direction.

Students who have successfully fulfilled all the requirements of the curriculum in the specialty (direction) of the corresponding educational-qualification level (without academic debt) are admitted to the state attestation.

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