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About the oath of doctor


Considering the importance of fulfilling doctors of high professional responsibilities and taking into account the centuries-old traditions of world medicine, declare:

  1. To adopt the text of the oath of doctor
  2. The oath of the doctor should be given by all graduates of higher educational medical establishments of Ukraine. 

The oath of the doctor is given in a solemn atmosphere in the presence of the teaching staff of the higher educational medical establishment (faculty) and representatives by the society. 

The text of the Oath is read and repeated by the graduates of the institute (faculty) collectively. After this, the National Anthem of Ukraine is performed. 

The text of the doctor's oath signed by the graduate is kept in his personal affair.  The diploma marks about the acceptance of a doctor's oath and its text of which are enclosed in diploma.

The President of Ukraine L. Kravchuk

Kyiv, June 15, 1992 № 349



By the President’s Decree

June 15, 1992 № 349




Having acquired the profession of a doctor and realized the importance of the duties that rely on me, in the presence of my teachers and colleagues solemnly swear:

all knowledge, strength and ability to give on the protection and improvement of human health, treatment and prevention of illness, to provide medical care to all,  who needs it; 

invariably guided by my own  actions and thoughts with the principles of universal morality, being unselfish and sensitive to the sick people, acknowledging my own mistakes, worthy to continue the noble traditions of the world medicine; 

to preserve the medical secret, not to use it to the detriment of the person; 

following the rules of professional ethics, do not hide the truth, if it does not hurt the patient;  continuously deepen and improve my own knowledge and skills;

if necessary, seek help from colleagues and should never refuse to do it if they ask, be fair to the colleagues; 

by my own example, to promote the education of a physically and morally healthy generation, to establish high ideals of charity, love, harmony and mutual respect among people. 

I swear to keep the faithfulness of this Oath to through all my life.

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