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Student Scientific Society named after them. M.D. Dovgyallo, Donetsk National Medical University, is a voluntary non-profit association of students engaged in research work at departments and units of the Donetsk National Medical University in free of charge or specially provided time.


Main goals:

  • consolidation of creative and scientific potential of students, creation and development of favorable conditions for the formation of specialists through the intensification of research activities, their participation in the development of relevant science, in studies conducted in the university;
  • mastering the modern scientific method of cognition;
  • acquisition of practical skills in setting tasks and independent decision;
  • improvement of knowledge in the chosen specialty;
  • providing opportunities for each student to exercise their right to creative development of the individual in accordance with his abilities and needs, the formation of civil consciousness, and the enhancement of legal culture.


The main tasks are: 

  • assistance in increasing the level of scientific training of students;
  • improvement of the quality of professional training of young specialists;
  • creation of conditions for the formation of creative activity;
  • assisting students in independent research and organizational provision of their scientific work;
  • formation and support of the database of research and development of students;
  • coordination of activities of DonNMU subdivisions in the field of organization of scientific research of students, use of their results, conducting of student scientific conferences, scientific trips, etc .;
  • timely informing students about planned scientific conferences, contests, exhibitions, etc. and about opportunities to participate in them;
  • establishment and development of contacts with the Councils of the SSU of other universities, research institutions of Ukraine and abroad;
  • coverage of SNT activities in the media and the Internet.


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