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  1. The provision is introduced to strengthen the responsibility and coordination of the work of the deans, the educational departments, scientific and pedagogical staff for the control of the educational process at the Donetsk National Medical University in order to increase the level of students' progress, raising their sense of responsibility, discipline, more conscious attitude towards learning, understanding the need to master knowledge and skills.
  2. Students of the University are obliged to attend lectures, practical, laboratory, seminars and final classes; come to classes in time, according to the schedule of classes.
  3. Students are forbidden to skip all classes without good reason, to be late for classes, to enter the classroom during classes, to withdraw prematurely from the audience without the permission of the teacher. In case of delay in the beginning of the class, the student must enter the audience only with the permission of the teacher.
  4. At cyclical terms, occupation is considered to be the time of the actual absence of a student at least 2 academic hours. Absence at the lesson of more than 2 academic hours is considered to be the omission of the entire lesson.
  5. All lectures are obligatory for all students to attend. Writing the text of the lecture by the students present is arbitrary, the lecturers of the department have no right to demand from the student who attended the lecture, presentation of the abstract of the lecture, or to conduct disciplinary measures against him, such as to exhibit "n/a" for this lesson, etc. The student must know the material presented at the lecture, which is an integral part of the curriculum, and answer the questions on the given topic of the lecture on the relevant practical (seminar) lesson and the final control.
  6. Students are allowed to complete the modular control (CMC) provided that they have not passed the practical (seminar, laboratory) classes and lectures, have completed all types of work provided for by the curriculum and the curriculum of the disciplines and during the study of the module, for the current success they have scored the number points not less than the minimum.
  7. Reasonable reasons for missing classes, delays in classes should be confirmed by documents:

- a certificate of student's illness in the established form;

- a certificate of delay in travel, which prevented the student from arriving in time for classes (issued by the head of the station, bus station or carrier);

- Certificate of Investigation to Investigative Authorities or the Military Commissariat;

- by the order of the rector or a decree on the student's participation in public events at the University or the Faculty;

- business trips;

- the decree on the permission to consider the occupation omissions justified by family circumstances (weddings, birth of a child, death of relatives, etc.) on the basis of a student's application, but not more than three days;

- a certificate of donation;

- for other valid reasons.

  1. In case of a valid reason for passing the class, the dean may issue an admission "without training", or with "working out at school time".
  2. Missed activities that do not have documentary evidence are considered missing for no valid reason.
  3. Students with 120 or more hours of missed classes without valid reasons for a term (subject to the dean's submission) are entitled to deduct from the University as a failure to complete the curriculum.
  4. If a student misses more than 120 hours per semester, in case of compelling reasons (in case of reduced capacity for work due to violations of the functions of the body), he / she is granted an academic leave, a re-training course or a child-care leave.
  5. Departments are obliged to submit to the Dean's information (in the previous month) about the state of progress and omissions of studies by students on disciplines that are taught up to the 5th of every month.
  6. Data on the last month of the semester on academic debts (the number "n/a", "2", not composed of CMC) are submitted by the department at the dean's office within 3 days after the end of the semester. Responsibility for submitting this information rests with the head of the department.
  7. Workout of missed classes does not require obtaining permission from the dean of the faculty.
  8. The development of unsatisfactory evaluations that were received for current progress is not mandatory.

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