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Student Government at the University is an important component of the educational process of forming doctors, aimed at increasing social activity, initiative, and responsibility.

The purpose of Student Government is to create conditions for the self-realization of the student's personality and the formation of their organizational skills, leadership qualities, responsibility for the result of their work, the formation of students pride for their educational institution, national consciousness, etc.

The activities of Student Government are aimed at improving the educational process, improving its quality, ensuring the education of the students 'spirituality and culture, the growth of students' social activity.

The main tasks of Student Government bodies are:

* protection of the rights and interests of students;

* ensuring students fulfill their duties;

* facilitation of educational, scientific and creative activity of students;

* assistance in improving the living conditions and rest of students;

* assistance in the creation of various student groups, societies, associations, clubs of interests and coordination of their activities;

* cooperation with student government bodies of other higher educational institutions;

* attracting students to secondary employment in an education free of charge;

* promoting a healthy lifestyle, preventing students from committing offenses;

* participation in solving international student exchange issues.


Principles of the Student Government of the University:

* voluntariness, collegiality, openness;

* autonomy in solving issues that fall within the competence of student government bodies, independence in the product forms and methods of exercising powers;

* independence from political parties, movements, religious organizations;

* election and reporting of representative bodies of student government;

* equal rights of students to participate in Student Government, including the right to elect and be elected to the visiting representative bodies;

* cooperation with the head, relevant services and individual officials of the DNMU (curators of academic groups, the administration of the institution and its structural subdivisions: hostels, faculties, departments, departments, etc.).

Student Government at the University operates in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, including No. 1010 dated November 15, 2007 "On Approval of the Model Provision on Student Government in Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine ", orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Charter of the University and "Regulations on Student Government".

The only collegiate body of the Student Government of Donetsk National Medical University is the general meeting (conference) of the Students. Representative bodies of Student Government are created on the initiative of students on a voluntary basis. The selection of representative bodies of student government is carried out by the general meeting of students through an open vote.

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