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About State coat of arms of Ukraine

(Records of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VVR), 1992, No. 40, p. 592)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine o r d e r s:

  1. To approve the Tryzub as a small coat of arms of Ukraine, considering it as the main element of the great coat of arms of Ukraine (color and model images of the coat of arms are added) (2137a-12).
  2. The image of the State coat of arms of Ukraine is placed on the seals of state authorities and state administration, monetary symbols and postal payment marks, official certificates, stamps, forms of government institutions with the mandatory observance of the proportions of the coat of arms image, approved by paragraph 1 of this Resolution.


Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine I.Pliusch

Kiev, February 19, 1992

N 2137-XII





The State Coat of Arms is a symbol representing a country as a sovereign independent state, an official emblem depicted on official documents, seals, monetary symbols of the state. In world practice, there is no strict regulation of the creation of the State Coat of Arms. The practice of designing the coat of arms is based on the national tradition, reflecting unique features of heraldic peculiarities of a particular country development.

The State Coat of Arms of Ukraine consists of the Small and Great Coats of Arms. The Small State Coat od Arms of Ukraine is a golden tryzub on a blue background, approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on February 19, 1992. The Great Coat of Arms of Ukraine is under development. Several draft bills have been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at the present.

Tryzub is an ancient symbol that has been found in our territory since ancient times and was honoured as a magic sign of its origin, the averter. It was used as a state symbols used by knyaz (king) of Kievan Rus times, became the State Coat of Arms of the UNR, in the twentieth century it was represented as a symbol of various political organizations. Being the State Coat of Arms of modern Ukraine, the tryzub symbolizes the freedom, courage and continuity of the traditions of our territory.

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