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On the 19th of May, the Day of Europe was celebrated in all cities of Ukraine. In Mariupol, this festival was held in Gurov park. It was a new format for the city. The park turned into a picturesque town where the EU countries represented their delicacies with traditional festive attributes, presenting contemporary street art, locations for various concerts, performances, workshop, walks of mimes in the form of living monuments, picnics locations.
Students of DNMU of the International Medical and Medical Faculty No. 3 also visited this festival, where everyone could find lovely activity. During the workshop from Yevhen Zlobin (winner of the popular culinary show "MasterChef-4"), students got acquainted with the culinary cultures of different countries of Europe. The most impressive was "Workshop of Cultures" - workshops from folk craftsmen (knitting, decoupage, plasticine painting, etc.). Students from the International Medical Faculty demonstrated their colorful national costumes and culture. This day made an unforgettable impression on medical students.

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