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Every year on the first day of the summer the International Children's Day is celebrated - a holiday of joy and hope. Usually, parents congratulate their children, but there are children who need attention even more so, those who are deprived of love and family care.
On the 1st of June, workers and students of DNMU of the Faculty of Medicine №3 and the International Medical Faculty visited the municipal institution "Mariupol children's home of mixed type" center of care "for children of pre-school and school age of the Mariupol city. On this day, the "center of care" celebrated the double holiday: Birthday (20th anniversary) and Children's Day. Children prepared an interesting and entertaining concert for the guests. Costumes were very bright and concert numbers were impressive. The guests seemed to have fallen into a magic fairy tale. Most of all, medical students liked the small exhibition-fair, which was prepared by the children of the center before the concert programs began. Everyone could buy sweet pastries, embroideries, home decorations and amulets.
In attendance, medical students came not empty-handed: they gave children toys and educational games to elevate their mood and reward them for their efforts and hospitality.

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