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On the 4th of June, the rector of Donetsk National Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Petro Kondratenko held a press conference at Kropivnitsky.
Peter Gennadyevich said that the requirements for success remain very high. There are students who are sent down even before "Krok 1" in the third year because not everyone has time to study the material qualitatively.
Next year, students who study at Kropivnitsky will complete their first exam - in pursuance of the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 334 from March 27, 2018. According to the document, there will be a single state qualification exam consisting of three parts. The first is "Krok 1" (consists of 9 major subjects taught in the first three courses), the second one is the International Examination on Medicine IFO, the third is an English exam. The last one the students will pass from 2020. For now, two more examinations are added to the students.
Also, Petro Gennadiyovych said that since January 1, 2018, all teachers' wages were increased by 50 percent. The next year, if the quality of student training is high, wages will increase by another 50 percent. Therefore, teachers at the university are interested in providing students with the appropriate level of knowledge. "We are all potential patients, and we are interested in coming to our student in the future and receive qualitative medical care", - said the rector of DNMU.
In addition, the rector shared information on the progress of negotiations with the regional and city authorities on the organization of clinical departments on the basis of regional medical institutions in the 2018-2019 academic year.

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