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On the 18th of May, the International Day of Museums was celebrated. To this day, the Museum of Local Lore of the city of Mariupol and its affiliated Museum of Art, museums of folk life and the Museum of History and Ethnography of the Greeks of the Azov region prepared special programs and events, opened a new exhibition "All-Ukrainian Cultural and Art Project" Picturesque Ukraine "and announced a free visit to all.

Students and the staff of DNMU Medical Faculty № 3 of the International Medical Faculty willingly took part in this event and greeted the museum staff with a professional holiday. Medical students started their excursion from the "Picturesque Ukraine" project at the Center for Contemporary Art and Culture, where the exhibitions of various artists of Ukraine were presented. After that, a walking tour of Heorhiivska Street was organized, where three museums are located.

The excursion made an unforgettable impression on the student. The students had the opportunity not only to learn about the life and work of the famous artist, but also to see original paintings by well-known Ukrainian artists and students. In the Museum of Folk Life students were able to feel the atmosphere of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The exposition of the museum highlights the peculiarities of the everyday life of people of different nationalities: Ukrainians, Russians, Greeks, Jews, Germans who populated the territory of the Azov Sea. Students from the International Medical Faculty from India also talked about the culture and lifestyle of their country, found many similar and distinctive features.

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