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Students of DNMU conduct laboratory work on the basis of the regional cardio center

Students of Donetsk National Medical University of Groups 1,2 MS based on the Physiotherapy Department of Kirovograd Regional Cardiology Center conducted a series of laboratory works under the guidance of senior teachers of the Department of Medical Physics and Information Technology No. 2, Ph.D. Lyudmila Sukhovirska and Olga Lungol.

Laboratory work # 1
"Electrotherapy. Continuous current. Therapeutic application of direct (galvanic) current. Galvanization and medicinal electrophoresis »

Laboratory work № 2
"Variable pulsed sinusoidal electric current. Darsonvalization. Therapeutic application of darsonvalization »

Laboratory work № 3
"Ultra High-Frequency Therapy (UHF-therapy)"

Laboratory work No. 4

Students were prepared to perform laboratory work on the methodological instructions on discipline "Medical and Biological Physics".

The proposed methodological guidelines are compiled in accordance with the curriculum program "Medical and Biological Physics" for the preparation of 1201 "Medicine" on the basis of a typical program approved by the CEC of higher education of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated October 3, 2016.

In the guidelines, there are presented 5 laboratory works on the basis of the physiotherapeutic department of Kirovograd Regional Cardiology Dispensary. The descriptions of devices for carrying out of the corresponding procedures, their technical data, design features and principle of operation are specified, the procedure of preparation of machines for work and the procedure of carrying out of procedures are available.

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