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Students of the International Medical Faculty of the DNMU presented their countries during the "Eurofest-2018"

Every year, since 2003, the Day of Europe is celebrated on the third Saturday of May in Ukraine.

On the 19th, in the Kovaliv Park, during the celebration of the Day of Europe in Ukraine, the festival "Eurofest 2018" was held. The park turned into a European town, there were creative workshops, information and game tents, and it was possible to take part in interesting games, quizzes, contests.

During the presentations of the Euroclubs of the region and national societies visitors could find out more about the European values, the global goals of the decade, the peculiarities of the history and culture of the countries of the European Union.

This year, "Eurofest" has expanded its scope thanks to the participation of foreign students from Donetsk National Medical University. At the invitation of the organizers, students from Uzbekistan, India, Egypt, and Morocco presented their countries, their culture, their own creativity and even the national dishes. All students dressed their national clothes and placed the flags, so the location of DNMU looked bright and interesting for the visitors.

At the Egyptian location, all visitors could see the pictures on the parchment of Ancient Egypt, see the image of the gods and pharaohs. At the same time, they could see how the Ukrainian names are written in Arabic and get acquainted with the country's religious traditions.

Students from India told young visitors about the history, the film industry and the art of painting henna - mehendi.

Uzbek students hospitably treated visitors with delicious pilaff and talked about the traditions and customs of their people.

Participation in the event was extremely interesting both for participants and for visitors - all had the opportunity to learn more about democracy, equal opportunities, and well-being - the values that every country should strive for.

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