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On the 18th of May, in the framework of the Week of the Department of General and Biological Chemistry number 2 at Donetsk National Medical University, the "Chemistry Way" Quest was held.
During the Week, the Department held a day of open lectures, days of open practical classes and presented posters on the topic of contemporary achievements in chemistry.
The students of the second medical and international medical faculty took part in the quest. Teams are divided according to the language of instruction.
Participants competed in five locations - "Guess", "Pantomime", where it was necessary to show chemical compounds and reactions by means of facial expressions and gestures, "Blitz-polls", "Puzzles" and "Balls". In the last competition, it was necessary to indicate correctly the name of the chemical compound and put it in the "toxic" box or vice versa.
At the end of the quest, students were congratulated by the assistant rector of the DNMU Alla Navolokina, dean of the second medical faculty Petro Sidorenko and associate professor of the department Olena Golodaeva. All participants received certificates of engagement and incentive prizes from the university.

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