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Donetsk national

Medical university

Neurosurgery №1


Oncology №2

Human Anatomy №1

Diagnistics of Internal Diseases

General Surgery №1

Operative Surgery

Otorhinolaryngology №2

Virology and Immunology №1

Pathological Anatomy №2

Psychiatry №1

Narcology and Medical Psychology

Physical Education №1

Socio-Humanitarian disciplines

Pulmonology №1

Obstetrics and Gynecology №1

Clinical Immunology,

Allergology and Endocrinology №1

Medical Biology №1

Medical Rehabilitation №1

Exercise Therapy,


Transplantology and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics №1

Clinical Pharmacology

Physiology №1

Hospital TherapyAnaesthesiologyResuscitation and NeonatologyHygiene and Ecology №1Public HealthHistory of MedicineCytology and EmbryologySurgery and EndoscopyRussian and Ukrainian LanguagesOccupational Diseases and Radiation MedicineForensic MedicineUrologyNeurology and Medical GeneticsOphthalmologyLatin Language

Alternative Medicine №1

Propaedeutic Infectious Diseases and EpidemiologyHistology

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